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March 25, 2011


This is going to be a short update.

My computer...well...I can't describe it.  I'm being forced to use my friend's laptop.  My computer has something...wrong with it.  I can't access it, all I get is a completely black screen.  While not unusual, nothing we try will fix it.  We've called someone to come and look at it.

And then there was that "update" to this blog this morning.  I removed it from this computer, I think it was just Jen pulling a prank.  She's the only other one who knows my password.  Didn't know she knew binary, probably just a translator.

4:33 -- All that's really happened today is Jen complaining about how she wished she was as slender as her sister while watching me do some exercises.  The whole time she was eating a bag of chips.
4:50 -- School is still out, seems someone broke in and stole some pretty wierd stuff.  A couple of fake organs from the science classroom.  And couple of animals were found mutilated right outside the school.  Whoever did this is one sick fuck.

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