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March 27, 2011

I made an oopsie...

I'm thinking of only responding once every two days.  Too much of my free time is being taken up for me to respond every day.  So I guess I'll have to scrap that 'time by time' thing I had going.  I liked it too...

Jen's been acting wierd lately.  She seems scared of something.  And won't even look me in the eyes on some days.  She said something about me acting wierd lately before whatever happened to her happened...but I have no idea what she means...

The only thing I can think of is how I'd get ticked off after she makes me exercise, and just sit there complaining about how she wished she was thinner while watching me do all the work.  Don't see why, she's not overweight or anything.  She's not incredibly skinny either, but what weight she does have isn't really that noticable.  Anyway, I snapped at her once.  I actually yelled at her about how if she wanted to be thinner
she should get off her lazy ass and do what she's making me do.  I think my exact words were: "If you wanna be slender so much get off your lazy ass and do these damn exercises your making me do!"

She still comes over to hang out and she says we're still best friends...though she's been looking more and more tired the last week.  Looking back on it I feel kind of bad, and I've apologized multiple times, but she says that has nothing to do with it...I wonder why what I said is bothering her so much?

Anyway, another thing I guess I should say.  I've been having these wierd...visions?  Ha, that sounds so corny.  I don't know what to call it.  In the middle of nowhere I remember...something that seems interesting, and when I try and think on it more, I forget what it was in the first place.  Been happening to me all day too.  Probably a dream I had that I'm remembering.  Seemed epic too.

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