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March 29, 2011


Jen seems to be back to normal, though I still don't know what freaked her out in the first place.  She won't tell me, and I can't ask about it, she might freak out again...

My hair had finally gotten to the length I like it, so you know what that means?  Yep, I was forced to get a hair cut.  Fuck it's too short.  My hair barely reaches the back of my neck, and the bangs are about an inch above my eyebrows. Jen took/forced me to some old wierd barber, who didn't listen when I asked to at least keep the bangs the same length.  Fuck!  I'm sorry if I seem irritated, it's because I'm downright pissed.

Anyway, after arriving, there were four people ahead of us.  And guess what?  One of them was fucking BALD!  I can't quite place remember what he looked like other than he was bald, and dressed well.  Jen left me there.  It may have been a trick of the light, but she looked pale.  I must have fallen asleep just waiting there, because when I woke up, the barber was finishing the last one ahead of me.

A woman about the age of fourty-five.  The bald guy just sat there, didn't even get up, so I guess he...looking back on it, they might have been a woman.  She had a womanly figure, the fact she was bald must be why it sticks out in my mind. I guess she's a friend of the barber.  The haircut was boring, or at least I assume it was.  I can't remember actually getting in the chair or having the haircut, but I remember it ending, and looking at myself in the mirror and complaining...

So all in all, a wierd day . . .

I need to stop short today, my phone is ringing.  Probably Jen asking about my haircut.  She's gonna laugh when she sees how short it is.

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