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March 22, 2011

Long day.

3:10 -- A bit more information whoever actually reads this might want to know. I'm a bit religious. I won't say which as the internet is no place for that.

3:16 -- I had a long day today. A really long day. It all started on my way to school. I live in a small town surrounded by mountains, with only a couple hundred people, so it's not that weird to see people you know walking along the same road as you...only I didn't. iwasthere
I saw no one on my way to school, but if felt like I was being watched. Like I was alone, yet not. There was a lot of fog, so the atmosphere was already creepy, must have been my paranoia.

3:25 -- The school day was normal though, but the walk back home was just as creepy as this morning. I must have calmed down, as I didn't feel like I was being watched. youwere

5:21 -- This is getting annoying. Someone keeps knocking on my door, windows, and ringing the bell, and then running away. A friend of mine who's over to help me with homework keeps answering it. She started shouting at whoever is doing it. They haven't done it in over twenty minutes now, so I guess everything is fine now. It's probably the neighbor's kid. He does this kind of thing alot. ididit

6:02 -- I just asked, the kid isn't at home. He's probably doing it at some other house in the neighborhood.

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  1. What a little dick. Nothing like douchebag neighbours, and it sounds like, between this kid and the guy who takes shortcuts through your yard, you've got your fair share. My condolences.